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CAPITAL 94.5 million yen (Including Capital Reserve, as of May 2022)
DIRECTOR President and Chief Executive Officer Ikumi Narui
Product and licensing business
Development, manufacturing and sales of patented vacuum containers
Development, manufacture and sales of vacuum food dispenser system
Development, manufacture and sales of D2C products
Development and operation of vacuum container platform for ODA and support
Environmental accelerator business
Development and operation of green point platform
Development and operation of green advertising
Development and operation of green retail
GHG calculation program and consultation for carbon credit applications
Partner at Nishimura & Asahi


Honorary Chairman  Tadashi Hagiwara
Honorary Chairman
Tadashi Hagiwara
Born in 1931 in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture.
Graduated from Rikkyo University, mastered fluid control technology, developed and invented LPG compact gas meter and flow measuring meter for skyscrapers, which received high acclaim.

1962, invited to the U.S. (by DYNAMIC ECOLOGY) to participate in NASA's Apollo Project. Developed a device to prevent deterioration of hydraulic equipment.

Since then, engaged as a specialist engineer in fluid control (filtration, separation, mixing, and prevention of deterioration) in all key industries, including steelmaking, iron ore, petroleum, electric power, chemicals, nuclear power, and railroads.
One of Japan's leading inventors with approximately 493 patents.
President and CEO  Ikumi Narui
President and CEO
Ikumi Narui
After graduating from college, Narui joined DeNA, where she worked as a digital advertising sales representative. Later, moved to Trenders, where she was in charge of PR and marketing.
2016, founded JION Inc. and through its media operation, sold the business within a year of its launch.
Currently, as the representative of Smart Media, a subsidiary of Vector, she is responsible for media management and operation with 100 million PV/month, and is in charge of owned media business.
In April 2022, she joined INTER HOLDINGS as the President and CEO, where she is dedicated to fighting global warming and food loss, two of the world's most significant social issues.
Lecturer in Content Marketing at Sendenkaigi, Visiting Professor at the University of Information Innovation, and Career Lecturer for women entrepreneurs.
Director and COO  Taro Nomura
Director and COO
Taro Nomura
Joined the current DMM.com, LLC (Dooga Co., Ltd. in Ishikawa, Japan) in June 2003.
He started his career at the customer service division, then moved on to web direction and Project Management. After setting up a new business planning office at the Kanazawa office, he moved to the Tokyo head office in 2008.
At the Tokyo head office, he launched the FX business as a project manager while also managing the business department. In 2011 he was appointed as a director and succeeded in launching new businesses such as closed online community service, housekeeping service, DMM Mobile (telecommunication service), and e-cigarette business (FLEVO). From 2019, he became the Director of G-Lion Group, responsible for DX promotion, and from 2021, he managed the technology division of the renewable energy business at afterFIT Co., Ltd. As of April 2022, Nomura is the Director and COO of INTER HOLDINGS.
Director and CTO  Taku Nakamura
Director and CTO
Taku Nakamura
Studied under art director Masatoshi Toda at Toda Design.
Established T.a.F. Company in 1990.
Member of JAGDA, Associate Professor of Design at Tokyo University of Technology Director and General Manager of Planning Department at Hagy Tech Co.,Ltd. As of April 2022, Nakamura is the Director and Chief Technology Officer of INTER HOLDINGS.

〈Awards Received〉
Asahi Advertising Creative Technology Award
The New York ADC Awards Gold and Silver Awards
Venice Biennale Silver Award
Japan Tourism Poster Exhibition Gold Award
National Catalog Poster Exhibition, Printing and Publication Research Institute Incentive Award
Yomiuri Advertising Awards, Annual Campaign Series, Advertising Excellence Award
Nikkei Advertising Award
Director and CDO  Sho Yamaguchi
Director and CDO
Sho Yamaguchi
After graduating from Kobe University, Yamaguchi joined Macromill Inc. where he worked in corporate sales and HR.
In 2015, he transferred to Glider Associates and launched the advertising business for the curated media platform antenna*.
Later, as Senior Executive Officer and CMO, he was in charge of managing the business of antenna* and launching a new business, craft.
He has been a director of Pan for You since January 2021.
In addition to the bread subscription business for individuals, he is in charge of PR, marketing, business development, and system development. As of April 2022 Yamaguchi is the Director and Chief Digital Officer of INTER HOLDINGS.
Executive Officer and CFO  Ryo Kato
Executive Officer and CFO
Ryo Kato
B.A. in Business Management in University of Tokyo, Economics Department
Certified Public Accountant
Upon graduating from university, Kato joined Chuo Aoyama Audit Corporation's Finance Department, where he was involved in auditing and M&A DD work and then in the Securitization Products Department of Morgan Stanley Japan, where he was involved in the securitization of monetary claims including residential loans and in partnerships with regional banks. After working in cross-border M&A operations in the TMT sector and FIG in the Investment Banking Division of Barclays Securities Japan Limited, he joined Quantum Leaps Corporation as an Executive Officer, where he led fundraising for the launch of a VC firm. He was in charge of IPO preparation as CFO at 4travel, Inc. (a subsidiary of Kakaku.com).
As of March 2019, Kato is the Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of INTER HOLDINGS.
Chairman and CSO  Gak Kurata
Chairman and CSO
Gak Kurata
While working for Dentsu Inc., Kurata was involved in planning, implementing, operating, and evaluating marketing strategies, tactics, and promotions for cosmetics, consumer goods, durable goods, automobiles, airlines, beverages, distribution, and online shopping manufacturers. Later, he founded a consulting company. Kurata has been a director of trading companies, IT companies, apparel companies, and others.
Engaged in finance and strategy upon appointment to the board of directors.
In 2019, President and CEO Kurata established INTER HOLDINGS.
Overwhelmed with the technology of HAGY TECH Co., Ltd. and President Hagiwara, he developed this business strategy in 2021.
Positioned April 2022 as the second phase of the company's foundation and became Chairman and CSO of INTER HOLDINGS.